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               BELLA, Sloan - Psychic,

                       Hello Rob and Everyone on the 'X' Zone Radio show. I was so excited about doing your
                       show and being invited, this was my first invitation to do radio. I have done television
                       and wasn't sure how to convey myself without the visual aid. I absolutely enjoyed Rob
                       and his easy style of communication, he truly enjoys his work with the paranormal and is
                       extremely open to the individual expression of psychic/mediums and how we work. In a
                       world where the unknown is often shunned, I find the 'X' Zone Radio Show and Rob a
                       great forum to express what often goes un said. Thank you so much and I hope to join
                       you again in the future. Much luck this coming May with your show as you go more
                       public, which is exactly what air ways need!!!

               BERNARD, PH.D. Dr. Arthur - Dream Techniques,

                       Dear Rob McConnell: Thanks for having me as a guest on your show May 7, 2009. I
                       enjoyed it very much and I like your style. You were so well prepared and the music was
                       very appropriate. Just call me and let me know when you would like me to be a guest
                       again. Also, if a guest cancels and you need someone quickly, I would like you to
                       consider me. Thanks again.

               BLAZE, Chrissie - Want to see what March 2008 holds for you?

                       Thanks, Rob, for having me on your show last night, and for allowing a nice platform for
                       The Twelve Blessings. You are a great host in more ways than one! Blessings to you -
                       Gary sends his regards too. We actually just got a contract to write a book on "Mystic
                       Jesus - His Radical Message of Love" - so when that's published (still have to write it!)
                       we'll be bugging you again.

               BLOOM, Howard - Core Faculty Member, The Graduate Center,  author of The

               Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History and Global Brain: The
               Evolution of Mass Mind From The Big Bang to the 21st Century

                       Rob McConnell is a true find--a man of intelligence and openness of mind, one of those
                       rare individuals who is at home with a scientists as he is with those who believe in the
                       supernatural. To anyone considering an appearance on his show, I say by all means give
                       yourself the privilege. And to those able to listen, do. McConnell will take you on
                       voyages which show you new ways to understand what counts the most--you." Howard
                       Bloom, author of The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of
                       History and of Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind From the Big Bang to the 21st
                       Century. Rob McConnell is a pleasure. I've done seven interviews on the X-Zone, and
                       each one has forged a friendship--a friendship with Rob. That kind of rapport is rare,
                       special, and to be cherished.
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