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                       grateful to say I have been a frequent guest on his show and remain available to Rob and
                       his listeners.

               BEAN, Bill - Author of Dark Force & Delivered,

                       I have been a guest on Rob's show several times. I find him to be a top-notch
                       professional, a gifted talk show host and a great guy. I highly recommend Rob
                       McConnell and 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show. I have granted over 700 media interviews in
                       my career, and Rob McConnell's 'X' Zone is one of my favourite shows to be on. Bill
                       Bean Author/Lecturer/Media Personality

               BECKER, Rochelle - Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility,

                       Thank you so much for the opportunity to share our important message with your
                       listening audience. It was so refreshing to be interviewed by a host who check his facts in
                       advance. I was hoping that you could place a link to our website on your website and let
                       those who may e-mail you know our contact info. I had several e-mails stating people
                       were impressed with the program. The time just flew by and your questions were on
                       target and your comments insightful.

               BEHRENDT, Ken - The Physics of the Paranormal,

                       Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be
                       a guest on your interesting 'X' Zone radio show tonight. I must admit that I was a bit
                       nervous since it was my first ever interview on radio, but your excellent interviewing
                       skills helped me relax and I found it to be a most enjoyable experience.

               BELANGER, Jeff - Author, Lecturer, Founder of

                       It's always a pleasure joining Rob McConnell and the X Zone Nation for an open
                       discussion of topics that are often seen as "on the fringe," but are nonetheless human
                       experiences. The X Zone program is an asset not only to those of us who study the
                       paranormal, but to anyone who understands that we don't know everything and there are
                       many mysteries in our universe left to be explored. Rob keeps the discussion moving,
                       isn't afraid to challenge different viewpoints, and can also share a laugh, too. When it's
                       my turn to pass on, I will haunt his studio forever just so I can keep listening.

               BELL, Dr. Fred - Chief Chef, BBS Network Inc. (BBS Radio),

                       Rob is a great honest radio personality and friend of many years. I have done research
                       and shows with him. I wish he was my neighbour here in Southern California, as there
                       are many things we could do together to further our careers
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