Page 7 - Comments From Past Guests on The 'X' Zone
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               BARON, Elizabeth - Internationally Acclaimed Psychic,

                       I have been a guest on television and radio shows for 26 years and have even had my own
                       daily show in Las Vegas but I can truly say that I have never met any talk show host that
                       has his show more "put together" than you. I can't say enough about how comfortable I
                       felt; how well structured your show is and you give your guests time to "talk". I feel I
                       have many years of experience in the paranormal field and yet, time after time, a talk
                       show host will put me on and then let the telephone run with questions, "what about my
                       love life, what about my health, what about my future." These are questions that can take
                       up precious time and are boring to the radio audience unless you are the one asking those
                       questions, when the time can be spent in a more constructive way, educating and
                       informing the audience as to what the paranormal is all about. Thank you for a two hour
                       interview that was well thought out and carried through to inform the public. Thank you
                       for your professionalism. Elizabeth Baron

               BARTZ, Carolyn - Author: Secrets of Cat Attitude Revealed

                       I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to share my passion with your listeners
                       worldwide last night. (Fri Feb 22 2008 - 11 pm - 12 am EST) Your easy going
                       professionalism put me at ease and made me feel a "natural". It was like a discussion
                       between you and myself as opposed to an interview. When the host shares the same
                       interest and passion for the subject, it is effortless teamwork to get the message to the
                       people. You may use any part or all of this as testimony of my experience. You are
                       wonderful and a pleasure to meet. Maybe we will meet again, your friend, Carolyn.

               BASSETT, Stephen - Executive Director, Paradigm Research Group,

                       Rob McConnell is the hardest working man in the media today. Four guests a show on
                       his radio show broadcasting five days a week, hosting and producing his own TV Show
                       and other TV Shows, running a very successful international media company, plus
                       publishing two newspapers - I don't know how he does it.

               BATTROS, Mitch - Earth Changes Media -

                       Media host and investigator Rob McConnell, has been a breath of fresh air for those
                       serious about gaining information in the uncertain in which we live. He began in the early
                       90's when alternative news was just beginning. Competition was crude, and internet
                       protocol was not set leaving itself to reckless, and perhaps even criminal activity going
                       on over the air. But Rob found his way through the gauntlet of charlatans, freaks, and
                       frauds. He has maintained his integrity and is worthy of his position as a broadcaster and
                       investigator in areas of study which sometimes breads less competent individuals. I am
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