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                       investigators, UFOlogists, psychics, mediums, healers and all citizens of the 'X' Zone
                       Nation who tune in to hear all sides of a story. Rob is consistently at the forefront of
                       breaking Paranormal news around the world. If it's happening on any of the 7 continents
                       you'll hear about it with Rob McConnell as fast as it happens.

               BALTHASER, Dennis G. - and

                       It has been 6 or 7 years since I did an interview on the 'X' Zone radio show, so it was
                       quite an honour and pleasure to be invited back recently. Rob's show hosting style is one
                       of my favourites, simply because he is well prepared for his guests, which makes the
                       interview more in-depth and informative for the audience. Rob challenges his guests also,
                       not accepting everything that is said, making one think about the subject being discussed.
                       Shows such as the 'X' Zone radio show are of vital importance in keeping the public
                       informed, and hosts such as Rob add to the credibility when "searching for the truth.

               BARNES, William

                       I have conducted over 200 radio interviews during the past two years. By far Rob
                       McConnell asks the most intelligent questions of any radio talk show host I have
                       encountered. It was obvious that Mr. McConnell prepared for our interview. By that I
                       mean it was obvious he actually read my book and reviewed press releases and my press
                       kit. This made for a delightful interview. Mr. McConnell actually lets the people he
                       interviews tell their story. He is never sarcastic or condescending. These qualities do give
                       results. Every time, Rob interviews me I get tremendous public response. On a scale of 1
                       to 10 as a radio host, Rob McConnell scores a 15!

               BARNETT, Dr. Raymond - Author: Relax You're Already Home: Everyday Taoist
               Habits For A Richer Life,

                       Spooky. I mentioned how the Folk Taoist approach to health and happiness includes
                       celebrating our "guides" to exuberant living, such as Elvis--and the next break, we have
                       my all-time favourite Elvis song (Kentucky Rain) leading back into the interview! Then
                       when I mention the Folk Taoist view that life is precious and the good as well as the
                       tough aspects should be accepted and savoured--next break, we have Louie Armstrong
                       singing "What a Wonderful World," my second favourite recording of a great song
                       (Izzy's recording edges the Satchmo out on this one). Which is to say, Rob McConnell
                       listens, responds, and in a whole bunch of ways understands and exemplifies the Folk
                       Taoist approach to life illustrated in my "Relax, You're Already Home: Everyday Taoist
                       Habits for a Richer Life." Spooky. Theme music from Twilight Zone in the background.
                       McConnell in his shades emerges from the shadows. A sardonic grin cracks his furrowed
                       face. Here's to a great show.
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