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               ATWATER, PMH - Near-Death Experiences,

                       Rob McConnell is a terrific interviewer. I was more than surprised and pleased with his
                       ability and his resourcefulness. Thank you for a great time. I look forward to being called
                       back next week and if you ever need a "fill-in," call me. I would love to be on again and
                       again. Hugs to all, PMH

               AUERBACH, Lloyd - Author and Paranormal Researcher,

                       It's great to have the X-Zone and Rob McConnell back. He's a well-informed interviewer,
                       who asks both interesting and often thought provoking questions, and doesn't simply
                       accept the "true believers" perspectives without questioning them. It is an essential
                       attitude if we are to understand anything about these phenomena which we call
                       paranormal -- one simply cannot be all-believing or all-disbelieving, as both perspectives
                       eliminates the main way we learn, by asking questions. Thanks again for having me on
                       the show, Rob, and I look forward to many more such experiences in the X-Zone.

               AVERY, Mick and Sylvie - English Spirit Mediums,

                       We really so enjoy going on Rob McConnell’s “X-Zone,” (we have been on 3x so far!)
                       because basically he is a really knowledgeable man who obviously wants to share; he
                       listens and is a neat individual who is sincere. There may be surprises in your life; some
                       things might not go according to plan but being on air with Rob is always something to
                       look forward to with certainty and to treasure. Thank you Rob, from all of us! Mick &
                       Sylvie Avery and our spirit friends.


               BALEGA, Betsy - Clairvoyant / Author,

                       People around the world have asked me, "How did you get started as a guest on radio
                       shows?" My reply is consistently the same, "Rob McConnell is responsible for starting
                       my media appearances. In fact, Rob is responsible for kick starting my career into high
                       gear." Then I take them back to September 4, 2004, when I debuted on The "X" Zone. In
                       fact, I have a cd of that show right here beside me. I keep it close and within eye sight to
                       always remind me where, how and with whom I began. The number of listeners that
                       night years ago, is not important. What is amazing that Rob and I kept talking for 2 hours
                       straight, with just a few commercial breaks. There is no dead air with Rob. Chi flows. Kei
                       flows. Energy flows. When you work with Rob McConnell ideas flow, the show flows
                       and before you know it hours have flown. One of the best benefits of working with Rob
                       McConnell is his quick wit and humour. He takes the nervous out of what I call "GA"
                       Guest Anxiety. It doesn't exist in The 'X' Zone Nation; a worry free zone for authors,
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