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               ABRAHAM, Melissa - Weird & Wacky Funerals,

                       Thanks very much for the interview, I felt very welcome and would be happy to talk
                       again sometime! I was really appreciative of the way you were able to seamlessly
                       mention our website, and also of the 3 music selections - "Down Under", Pachebels
                       "Canon" and "Wonderful World" all very appropriate and so thoughtful of you to take the
                       time to make a complete theme experience for your listeners. Thanks again.

               ALTMAN, Eric - Bigfoot Investigator and Researcher

                       It is always a pleasure being a guest on the show.  I've been a multi time guest and Rob
                       always asks intelligent and informative questions.  He treats the guests with great respect
                       and I thoroughly enjoy being on the show.

               ALTON, Dr. Joe - Emergency and Disaster Medicine

                       Thanks to Rob and his crew for having me on X Zone, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I
                       hope you'll invite me to be on again whenever there is a natural disaster, epidemic, or
                       terror event in the news. My book is available in the European Union at Amazon UK.
                       Rob McConnell did me a great honor by having me as a guest on his popular X Zone
                       Radio show. We covered a number of topics from Zika virus to the recent terror events to
                       the coming Bee-pocalypse. It was a privilege to be able to share my mission with him and
                       his listeners: To put a medically prepared person in every family in the uncertain future.
                       Have no doubt, medically prepared people save lives. Thanks again to Rob for bringing
                       important topics to his audience.

               ALVAREZ, Melissa - Animal Frequency Tarot Cards -

                       Being a guest on the 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell was a wonderful
                       experience. Rob is an engaging host and was truly interested in discussing my book
                       Animal Frequency and the Animal Frequency™ Oracle Cards that I developed to go
                       along with the book. Rob asked questions that allowed the listeners to get to know me as
                       a person and the books that I write to help others along their spiritual path. He also helped
                       to enlighten the audience about how Animal Frequency works. It was truly a pleasure and
                       I'm honored to have been asked to be a quest on the show. It was lots of fun! I appreciate
                       the invitation to return to the show at a later date and am looking forward to speaking
                       with Rob again in the future. Thanks so much for producing such a wonderful show.
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