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               COTTRELL, Douglas James -

                       It was a full moon Saturday. The energy of the show was high and the calls from the
                       audience were from coast to coast. That's radio at its best! As always your insight into the
                       unusual make your show informative and thought provoking. I do a lot of radio and I
                       would say that your show is among the very best. You may or may not personally agree
                       with what a guest is presenting but you do a good job at letting them make their point
                       while asking questions to support the reasons for their opinions or statements. I believe
                       you have that radio savvy in that your questions are the questions the audience would like
                       you to ask or at the very least are thinking. I always enjoy being a guest and look forward
                       to our next show. In listening to your show let me say that I always learn something from
                       the interesting guests you have on, Dr Frank Stranges (the Bible, UFOs and the Dead Sea
                       Scrolls) for example. Impressive and intelligent people. I wish you much success and
                       may you and your team enjoy all of Gods aspects, Health Wealth and Peace of Mind.

               CYNOVA, Melissa - Little Fox Tarot

                       This was only the second radio show I've done, and I have to say, it was a great
                       experience. I felt so comfortable and the conversation flowed well. Hopefully, I would
                       have known if it was going to be a bad experience! Thanks so much for letting me be on
                       the show and for the wonderful conversation, and congratulations on 25 years!


               DAHNE, Jill - Celebrity Love Psychic seen on LifeTime was The Astrologer

               for The Globe Mag WNN Radio 1470am Sundays

                       There is only one word that describes Rob McConnell Surreal he is a outstanding Talk
                       host a league of it's own one of a kind I call him the next Larry King!

               DALE, Cyndi - Energy Is Everything

                       Brilliant! That's Rob. I've yet to experience a radio interview that was as exciting and
                       deep as this one. I feel truly honored to have "met" Rob and through him, his listeners,
                       but to also be asked questions that invited a discussion of truly important topics--sure,
                       chakras and subtle energy (that's my 'gig' and energy is "everything") but also religion,
                       ancient principles, modern choices, and the most vital theme, which is how to support
                       today's youngsters. I feel lucky to have had this experience!
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