Page 14 - Comments From Past Guests on The 'X' Zone
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               CONSTANTINE, William - Metaphysician, The Center for Inner Awareness and
               Unlimited Potential

                       I've been interviewed by Rob McConnell several times and it never gets boring -- in fact,
                       each time it seems to become more exciting. He is professional and does his due
                       diligence when it comes to bringing superior guests to his audience. Rob McConnell is
                       passionate, humorous, and highly knowledgeable about a variety of fields. He is an
                       engaging interviewer and that generates results and the audience shares his passion for
                       the guests. Whenever I get an invitation to be on the show -- I'm always happy to oblige.
                       Thanks Rob, for all you do!

               COPPENS, Philip - Author/Investigative Journalist

                       Rob's show is one of the best in the field and it is always a pleasure to be on with him. He
                       is not only a professional when it comes to hosting the show, but everything to do with
                       the show, is of the same high quality.

               CORNET, PHD, Dr. Bruce

                       The 'X' ZONE, hosted by Rob McConnell, is a sentinel for free speech and uncensored
                       knowledge. As our world becomes more crowded, and special interests become more
                       powerful, it is important that the public have access to sensitive information about our
                       planet and governments, which special interests do not want us to know because it affects
                       their bottom line profits and/or control. The 'X' ZONE provides a medium for researchers
                       of controversial topics to get their findings to the public. Too often mainstream
                       convention becomes mainstream dogma, and without radio shows like the 'X' ZONE,
                       there is a risk that our thinking will become prisoner to those special interests. As our
                       populations grow, it becomes imperative that the public not slip into apathy or have a
                       false sense of security through ignorance based on what media gatekeepers think we
                       should know. Too much of that is happening already. For these reasons and more, I think
                       the 'X' ZONE should have wider coverage through more stations.

               COTE, Dave, B.Sc. - CubeSat For Disclosure Project Leader -

                       Rob is awesome, not only severely interested in the topic at hand, but also honest, upbeat,
                       and optimistic. Thank you guys for having me on the show and I look very forward to
                       working together on CubSat4Disclosure!
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