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                       industry and you are top notch! You really are providing such a wonderful service to
                       humanity and the collective unconscious of the planet through your work! Keep up the
                       good work!

               CHRISTOS - Numerologist

                       I believe that Rob McConnell and the ‘X’ Zone are making a difference in the lives of
                       ordinary people all over the world who tune in to the program. The line-up of guests and
                       topics are appealing to a huge international underground demand for alternative
                       information on thought provoking topics. The presentation of the information is not fear
                       based, but rather intellectually and spiritually oriented. This is what I believe resonates
                       deeply with the audience. Each show is testament to the fascinating 'hidden' aspects of the
                       world we live in, but seldom talk about, except in a forum like the ‘X’ Zone. Rob and the
                       ‘X’ Zone are on the pulse of the 'alternative' movement, and as a guest and regular
                       listener, I am proud to do my part to provide helpful information to audience members. I
                       wish everyone affiliated with the ‘X’ Zone well. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. THE
                       WORLD IS LISTENING!

               CLARK, Daniel - Your God Is My God,

                       Thanks so much for having me on the show and inviting me back. You were very
                       pleasant and easy to talk to and thanks for promoting the book so much. I would also like
                       to thank the whole staff for making my first radio interview go so smoothly for me.

               COFFEY, Chip - Psychic, Medium and Paranormal Investigator,

                       My friend and ghost hunting partner, Patti Starr, and I made a guest appearance on The
                       'X' Zone Radio Show during The Las Vegas Paranormal Conference in October, 2005.
                       We were all exhausted from the many great activities taking place at the conference, but
                       host Rob McConnell's energy and enthusiasm was infectious. (I meant that in a GOOD
                       way, Rob ... not like the flu or a bad rash or anything! LOL) Rob is a consummate
                       professional, with a wealth of knowledge, and his mind is open to all the possibilities of
                       the paranormal and unexplainable. He's also very funny and charming, so his guests
                       immediately feel at ease when doing the show with him. It was an immense pleasure
                       appearing on The 'X' Zone with Rob and I certainly look forward to having the chance to
                       be on his show again in the future.

               CONKLIN, Patti - Medical Intuitive,

                       It was an honour to be a guest of Rob McConnell's on the X-Zone. I truly appreciate
                       Rob's ability as a host to be considerate, honest and questioning, He is in sync with his
                       guest and his listening audience in terms of asking the pertinent questions that his
                       listeners want to have ask. Rob is a pleasure and I look forward to a return visit.
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