Page 11 - Comments From Past Guests on The 'X' Zone
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               BUCHANAN, Lyn - Executive Director, Problems Solutions Innovations

                       I've been interviewed on several shows, but this is one of the first where, from the very
                       first minute of the phone conversation (even before the show started), the host was more
                       concerned about my comfort and welfare than about getting a show done. During the
                       show, it was evident that Rob was actually interested in the topic of remote viewing,
                       rather than just being a provider of entertainment for the masses. That is refreshing and
                       rare. I was most impressed with his friendliness, interest, and the ease with which he
                       conducts an interview. I think that the way to sum up the whole experience was that when
                       it was over, my first thought was, "That was fun!"

               BULL, Joe - The Coral Castle, Florida, USA

                       Rob McConnell has a special talent as a radio host. He puts you at ease with his style,
                       humour and insightful questions. I forgot I was being interviewed and felt like I was
                       having a fireside chat with a good friend....the secret of the professionals like Rob is the
                       ability to put the guest at ease so they're not nervous.....that is Rob's greatest gift.....I look
                       forward to a long chat with my good friend and professional host, Rob McConnell.


               CALIMACH, Andrew - Haiduk Press

                       A big "Thank you" to Rob McConnell for the considerate and thoughtful way he
                       conducted the interview about "Lovers' Legends Unbound". I have done many interviews
                       about my work with the gay Greek myths, and it is a rare pleasure to work with an
                       interviewer who has both intelligence and heart. Have I said "Thank you?"

               CAMERON, Rev. Dr. Tom - The Human Stun Gun,

                       Thank you for the wonderful experience & exposure last night. You are, as I said, a kind
                       and congenial host. I wish that we had your broadcast in the Chicago area but there is
                       always hope for the future. A lot of interviews that I have had in the past have focused on
                       the more sensational aspects of the arts, so I was greatly gratified by the fact that you
                       focused on the character building aspects of the arts as a whole. Thanks again for your
                       time and generosity. Anytime you would like a return, please feel free to ask.

               CANNON, D.MSC. M.NLP. M.HT. Dr. Georgina - Director, Ontario Hypnosis

                       I always knew you could have fun at midnight....but I had no idea how much fun it could
                       be on radio at midnight! Thanks Rob for a fun and thought provoking hour! The music is
                       terrific too. Yes, we did get to talk about hypnosis and my book RETURN about past life
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