Page 10 - Comments From Past Guests on The 'X' Zone
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               BORGIA, Rick - Musician, Composer & Psychic Painter

                       Rob McConnell Has A "Handsome", "Good Looking" , "Honest And Wise" ---Voice!
                       The qualities in that voice say; "Go's your with it...yeah...go! ..go!".
                       It is a wonder that Rob is able to do this show each night, with the stellar array of
                       distinguished guests that he connects with SO WELL on their level! His accumulated
                       good vibes are visible over the air! For me the experience was like a jam session....with
                       Rob putting down the Rhythm section for my solo! During the course of the hour, yes, I
                       made some questionable 'musical' statements,...all in the spirit of THE MOMENT! It
                       WAS A TOTAL BLAST! (for my virgin radio interview experience I must admit Rob
                       was gentle and understanding. and now I know so much better how to do this very
                       important activity called "Communicate Clearly".)

               BRACKETT, Cori - Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World,

                       It was great talking with Rob tonight. He is an excellent, informed host. I found myself in
                       the midst of a lively discussion

               BREESE, Daryl - Knights of Columbus

                       Being in the X-Zone was easily my best radio talk show experience. Rob is a talented,
                       sincere, gregarious interviewer. As you can imagine, having three pending truths in front
                       of the Holy Father is quite remarkable and requires detailed explanation to the many
                       questions people have. Naming the Beast, Antichrist and the Unity of Jews/Christians has
                       generated a Papal "warning" between his hospital stays - that is how important our days
                       are.......thank you Rob! Being able to tie the CW of Theoretical Physics 11 dimensional
                       "M" Theory with seven heavens and our four dimensions is at the forefront of the
                       Vatican's Academy of Science work. I was thrilled to present a small part of the Church's
                       "Inside Knowledge", that generally is compatible with most of the topics on the X-Zone.
                       It is truly all one big picture.

               BROWN, Beryl - Driftwood Publications

                       Thank you for the opportunity to give you some facts about what Bryan Jameison and
                       what he discovered about reincarnation over the 35 years that he spent helping other
                       people rid themselves of past life detrimental emotions in order to live a happier and
                       more fulfilling present life. I hope that some of your listeners now understand the cycle of
                       life better and realize that they are the creators of their lives. That enables them to change
                       them since they created them.
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